The Best Gifts For The Man In Your Life

November 24th, 2014 / / categories: Uncategorized /

Hey there, I know most of this Blog is focused on the stuff we girls are into, but this week I wanted to look at a few things for the man in your life.

Mens grooming products have come a long way in the past few years, and now there is a whole range of products that are “just for him”. There are many products tailored to men that are super high-quality and affordable. Everything from soaps to shaving supplies, facial hair products to shampoos and conditioners are all made with him in mind.

When it comes to soap, there is a huge variety available aimed specifically at guys. Some are borderline ridiculous. Everything from bacon-scented soap to soaps made with beer, I guess there is something for every kind of guy out there. Most of these soaps are made with more manly scents, with ingredients like bay rum, bayberry, spice, lime, and musk, as well as natural essential oils like sandalwood, patchouli, and oakmoss. The shaving products now available for guys are no less interesting. A lot of more “vintage” type of products are gaining in popularity right now, with items like custom straight-razors and old-school shaving kits topping lists of top sellers in many mens product catagories.

Beards are coming into style in a huge way, and there is a growing market of great products available for beard and mustache care. Take a look at this awesome beard oil if you want to see a great example of what these products can do. These products are made out of combinations of different essential oils made specifically to soften and keep his beard healthy.

My guy loves Beard Mountain for the best beard oil, but there are a ton of options out there.

Mens grooming products make awesome gifts for him, because in the end we are the ones that really get to enjoy them anyways, right? 🙂